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Hey there and welcome to my surreptitious blog post all you secret agents, covert operatives, clandestine enforcers of global stability and instability alike, agents provocateurs, esteemed members of the cloak and dagger brotherhood and stealthy tag surfers.

Our mission today should you chose to accept it, is to infiltrate and scrutinize Image 165.

As the title suggests Naomi’s character is abducted by secret agents – this is the scene I needed to portray.

Fortunately I was able to unearth this great image courtesy of Peter Jackson’s ‘King Kong’ which pretty much encapsulated the require scene.

The only issue was Naomi’s evening dress and that the guys dragging her away were dressed in outdated military uniforms.

My immediate reaction was to replace the uniform with a suit, but then I realized, finding a suit clad individual in a similar pose was a mammoth undertaking even for me. (Not impossible mind you, just difficult) Then again, did I really need to go down that road? Probably not!

I made myself a coffee, sat back and pondered my alternatives – surely there had to be another way… I knew I was going to have to improvise; think laterally. That’s when it occurred to me, all I have to do is simply darken the uniform so it fades from the scene. Taking the focus away from the uniform will naturally accentuate the arms holding Naomi, which was all that was required to fool the eye.

After that I added a few scratches to Naomi’s face for continuity and turned her evening dress into a casual dress by altering the V- neck opening to a more rounded one and then added the necessary dirt and grime. Naomi’s expressive reaction sold the rest…

With the main element completed, I now played around with various forest backdrops. Sizing up 15 or so I finally stopped on this lush verdant setting, as it seemed to work best with the overall composition.

This is the Hummer I chose. I can’t remember why, but here it is.

I literally had to suspend the Hummer amidst the trees as there was no useable road to set it on. I played around a bit, moving it up and down, left to right for maximum recognizable exposure and eventually settled on this position. Incidentally, flipping the Hummer to right helped allude to the presence of a forest road.

I feel the desired effect had been achieved – the Hummer seems to be standing on solid ground.

All in all Image 165 turned out quite realistic and works unbelievably well in the film trailer.

‘CAUTION’ You have just viewed a ‘Highly Sensitive’ file without the appropriate security clearance. This page has been programmed to self-destruct in 15 seconds. To avoid detection, we seriously recommend erasing your cookie files.

For those of you, who missed the first post to this ‘Show Reel Ingenuity’ Photoshop segment, hit the following link: https://thestufflegendsaremadeof.wordpress.com/2011/02/03/143/

It will bring you up to speed with the idea behind the film trailer project.

To achieve the impossible, project your mind beyond all things possible.

Improvise, Overcome, Adapt.

This is who we are…


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Welcome to my arresting segment all those in cyber servitude, fugitives of principle, prisoners of conscience and ethical incarceration, seekers of liberation, escapees from the mundane, my regular captive audience and anyone hoping for deliverance.

Today we’ll be looking at Image 169.

Image 169 represented one of several key elements in the film’s storyline, so it simply had to be included in the film trailer, yet I had no idea how I was going to produce it?

Like all the images created for the said ‘film trailer’ it needed to depict the essence of the scene. After several futile attempts to somehow construct the desired image, I was practically convinced that it was unachievable and was seriously considering foregoing its inclusion in the film trailer – but then I happened to stumble onto this great shot from ‘The Shawshank Redemption’. This incredible pose immediately bolstered my hopes, stirred my imagination and allowed me to envisage the scene from a whole new prospective.

The only problem with it was the rain; rain in the foreground, rain in the background, rain everywhere. Nevertheless, I was able to clean it up and then tweaked the color to suit.

Once that was done, I had to find the appropriate backdrop. I searched for a while but to no avail. There were plenty of extraordinary sunsets on the net, but I needed something specific. I realized I was going to have to improvise. As soon as I switched my mindset and approach, I found this great photo, which really completed the scene.

Yes I know, it doesn’t look much like a sunset, but like I said, sometimes all it takes is to look at a problem from another angle to find the answer.

So I trimmed the backdrop photo, tweaked the colors, added a few ferns to the foreground and finished the scene with the compelling pose.

The resulting image is a powerful two dimensional representation of the following scene from the script:

The firmament burns red with the fires of atonement. Regaining consciousness, Elias feels his every muscle rebelling as he starts to stir. Grabbing his head he freezes as a sharp stab of migraine-like pain, hits him. Stubbornly refusing to give in he climbs to his knees; the agony registering on his blood-caked face. Touched by the epiphany, Elias raises his glistening eyes to the heavens. Trembling, he succumbs to his emotions.

It’s amazing what one can do if one only frees the mind…

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind.”

—  Bob Marley

For those of you, who missed the first post to this ‘Show Reel Ingenuity’ Photoshop segment, hit the following link: https://thestufflegendsaremadeof.wordpress.com/2011/02/03/143/

It will bring you up to speed with the idea behind the film trailer project.

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