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My humble apologies to all my dearest friends, loyal fans, secret admirers, hard core groupies, faithful followers, tireless devotees, steadfast supporters, ardent enthusiasts, resolute aficionados, unwavering disciples, dedicated subscribers, persistent tag surfers, committed bloggers (I believe I’ve mentioned everyone) and of course all you staunch and unfaltering members of the Jedi order.

Allow me to quell those pesky rumors right away. No! I have not succumbed to the Dark side. My prolonged absence is due to work related activities: fighting crime, battling evil and saving the world from total annihilation kind of stuff. Those in the fold know what I’m talking about…

Okay, enough about my personal life, let’s continue with the project.

From a technical point of view, Image 171 was a reasonably simple image to create. Although as I had stated in my previous posts, all the difficult decisions are made prior to beginning any image; first you have to study the materials at hand and figure out what it is you’re going to do with them and secondly, decide how to manipulate the image with the various approaches and Photoshop techniques available so as to achieve the desired results.

The film trailer required a scene portraying a line of police cars driving off into the torrid afternoon sun. This is where I thought to myself – ‘Self, you’re on your own with this one! The Higher-Self (who, truth be known, is not that much higher than me – only a few centimeters) is pondering the existence of life on Mars and won’t be joining us any time soon.’

Therefore, after an exhaustive solitary search, I unearthed this great sunset image, yet it only depicted a single car and not a police car for that matter.

Even in the absence of my ‘Higher-Self’ my task was self-evident; either I try to paste a bunch of police cars onto the backdrop. Though that would be an effort in itself; to find the appropriate police vehicles with the appropriate angles and lighting conditions and then attempt to merge them into the scene… Not impossible, mind you – just very taxing. Is it worth the effort? Probably not!

So I opted for an alternative approach. I found a set of police car lights and pasted them onto the car. After which, I simply duplicated the vehicle in its natural atmosphere and then enlarged and shrunk the vehicles to the appropriate sizes to allow for perspective distortion, then married the vehicles into the scene with a veil of dust.

There you have it – a line of police cars driving into the scorching afternoon sun.

Engage your imagination

Enhance your vision

Expand your conceptions

Enjoy your achievement

Be cool!


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