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Hey there and welcome to my surreptitious blog post all you secret agents, covert operatives, clandestine enforcers of global stability and instability alike, agents provocateurs, esteemed members of the cloak and dagger brotherhood and stealthy tag surfers.

Our mission today should you chose to accept it, is to infiltrate and scrutinize Image 165.

As the title suggests Naomi’s character is abducted by secret agents – this is the scene I needed to portray.

Fortunately I was able to unearth this great image courtesy of Peter Jackson’s ‘King Kong’ which pretty much encapsulated the require scene.

The only issue was Naomi’s evening dress and that the guys dragging her away were dressed in outdated military uniforms.

My immediate reaction was to replace the uniform with a suit, but then I realized, finding a suit clad individual in a similar pose was a mammoth undertaking even for me. (Not impossible mind you, just difficult) Then again, did I really need to go down that road? Probably not!

I made myself a coffee, sat back and pondered my alternatives – surely there had to be another way… I knew I was going to have to improvise; think laterally. That’s when it occurred to me, all I have to do is simply darken the uniform so it fades from the scene. Taking the focus away from the uniform will naturally accentuate the arms holding Naomi, which was all that was required to fool the eye.

After that I added a few scratches to Naomi’s face for continuity and turned her evening dress into a casual dress by altering the V- neck opening to a more rounded one and then added the necessary dirt and grime. Naomi’s expressive reaction sold the rest…

With the main element completed, I now played around with various forest backdrops. Sizing up 15 or so I finally stopped on this lush verdant setting, as it seemed to work best with the overall composition.

This is the Hummer I chose. I can’t remember why, but here it is.

I literally had to suspend the Hummer amidst the trees as there was no useable road to set it on. I played around a bit, moving it up and down, left to right for maximum recognizable exposure and eventually settled on this position. Incidentally, flipping the Hummer to right helped allude to the presence of a forest road.

I feel the desired effect had been achieved – the Hummer seems to be standing on solid ground.

All in all Image 165 turned out quite realistic and works unbelievably well in the film trailer.

‘CAUTION’ You have just viewed a ‘Highly Sensitive’ file without the appropriate security clearance. This page has been programmed to self-destruct in 15 seconds. To avoid detection, we seriously recommend erasing your cookie files.

For those of you, who missed the first post to this ‘Show Reel Ingenuity’ Photoshop segment, hit the following link: https://thestufflegendsaremadeof.wordpress.com/2011/02/03/143/

It will bring you up to speed with the idea behind the film trailer project.

To achieve the impossible, project your mind beyond all things possible.

Improvise, Overcome, Adapt.

This is who we are…


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Hi there, fellow Rock Climbers, Abseilers, Base Jumpers and anyone who has ever worn Hiking Boots.

Today we’ll be following Naomi Watts. (Star of King Kong – for all those who spend most of their time in a tent)

I wanted to create a scene from the film’s storyline, where Naomi’s character – Kira, attempts to climb out of a canyon to escape her pursuers. But what was I to begin with? Like with any good tradition, I started off by pouring myself a coffee. I then pondered the scene, mentally trying to render it in my mind, from various angles and climbing positions. As I mentioned earlier, it helps to see the end result before you start.

Alas, my inspiration eluded me and the coffee wasn’t much help, so I figured what I needed was a pretty cool looking cliff face that I could perch Naomi on. Unfortunately, my extensive, time consuming, brain straining, calorie burning, finger biting, foot tapping, music humming, megabyte expending, search brought me no bankable dividends. Sure, there were plenty of breathtaking panoramic cliff face images but when you brought then in up close, their magic was lost. Having a bit of a stretch and a scratch, I decided to search for rock climbing women instead, because obviously this was the nature of the theme. However, there wasn’t much in the way of usable images down this path either, most climbers were depicted sporting their rock climbing equipment and dress and were taken at ridiculously impossible heights and positions, which would simply be implausible for the film character.

Exhausted but not defeated, I switched my attention to a different illustration; I knew without a doubt that when the time was right the needed images would surface. Sure enough, 2 weeks later, while out j-peg surfing for a scene that I was working on at the time, I happened to come across this image, which I felt could work…

What I needed now, was to find Naomi’s features in a similar pose and with the correct lighting, not to mention facial expression – very important if you want to convey a true sense of peril. I mean a glamorous smile just won’t cut it. I searched far and wide but considering that I had to maintain Naomi’s hairdo continuity, my options where rather minuscule. The clouds I can say began to thicken pretty quickly, but luckily I’m not the sort of guy who is afraid of dark clouds. 3 weeks later there it was, a great facial expression and position, not perfect but close. I knew I had a rather good match!

When I merged the 2 images together the results were as I had expected but the over all scene was still missing something… It lacked the sense of scope, which I had so hoped to portray! I knew however, this was the best image I was going to get for my money. Therefore, I was resigned to except what I had. Although I’ve got to be honest, I was not quite a happy camper on the inside; I didn’t feel that warm fuzzy feeling of true genuine unadulterated content.

This was how Image 207 remained for some time, labeled ‘technically finished’. It would have remained so, had it not been for a stroke of brilliance; one day while going through my j-peg collection I saw this backdrop, which instantly spoke to me.

To conceal the river, I pasted a floor in the canyon, creating the illusion of a crater and then slipped the finished result in as a backdrop.

Ta-da! It’s magic time! Now this is what I had in mind all along. Amazing how the right backdrop can change an image.

Now go forth and recreate your world.

Mobilize your minds, visualize your goals, improvise your methods,  individualize the results – extrapolate.

Stay cool.

For those of you, who missed the first post to this ‘Show Reel Ingenuity’ Photoshop segment, hit the following link: https://thestufflegendsaremadeof.wordpress.com/2011/02/03/143/

It will bring you up to speed with the idea behind the film trailer project.

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