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Yee-haw! Welcome y’all to my Photoshop segment, guys and gals, dudes and dudettes.

Today I’m fixin’ to look at Image 100.

For all ya good ol’ boys just tuned in, who’ve missed the previous posts from this here segment, hit the followin’ link to the first post. https://thestufflegendsaremadeof.wordpress.com/2011/02/03/143/

It’ll explain real good, the idea behind my Photoshop segment and all these here fancy images.

But y’all come back now, ya-hear!

Okely dokely folks now I recon y’all have understood what this segment is about, so let’s move on.

Followin’ the film’s storyline, my film trailer now needed a scene showin’ the hero crashin’ out a barn to escape his pursuers.

I is no fool now you hear, but I must admit, I had no idea how I was fixin’ on creatin’ this scene, ifn it was to look realist n’all. So I took me a hiatus and got me into some fine Cajun cooking instead; ya might say I was kinda hopin’ to find me some home-grown inspiration.

Mmmmm! Lawd, O Lawd, I is tellin’ ya straight: that Cajun cookin’ is one sassy kitchen and some mighty powerful stuff – yes Siree!

Anyhow, the weeks dragged out on the bayou, then one day during my regular j-peg huntin’ sessions I happen to stumble upon this great image.

Woo Hoo! Hot diggety dog, praise them ‘Dukes’ and all their wild antics, bless their mischievous, engine revvin’ barn smashin’ lil’ ol’ harts! Don’t it just make ya wanna slap ya knee and break into a dance?

Whoa, easy on the foot-stompin’, hand-clappin’, line-dancin’ boys, I was just fooling wit y’all! Now where was I? Oh yeah! The Dodge Charger (The General Lee) smashing out of the barn, I knew exactly what to do with it the minute I saw it. I done, quick as lightnin’ opened my ‘Defender’ j-peg file and dug around till I found me this here vehicle.

Yes Siree, I recon I had me some work cut out, I was busier than a one-legged man at a butt kickin’ contest! I had to totally remove the Dodge Charger from the scene, then hide the driver of the Defender and the reflection of his kin in the rear window. I then added some blur to the wheels to create a sense of realistic motion. I also added various flying timber boards over yonder for barn crash authenticity.

Like I done told you before, I is the Grand Master and dis picture’s turned a duzzie. Now I is about as happy as a tick on a fat dog.

I’ll be workin’ on this project here darn near till the movie’s finished, so y’all make sure to come see us next time you’re here. Ifn you’re friend or kinfolk be sure to leave us a comment.

Giddy up now.


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