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Yee-haw! Welcome y’all to my Photoshop segment, guys and gals, dudes and dudettes.

Today I’m fixin’ to look at Image 100.

For all ya good ol’ boys just tuned in, who’ve missed the previous posts from this here segment, hit the followin’ link to the first post. https://thestufflegendsaremadeof.wordpress.com/2011/02/03/143/

It’ll explain real good, the idea behind my Photoshop segment and all these here fancy images.

But y’all come back now, ya-hear!

Okely dokely folks now I recon y’all have understood what this segment is about, so let’s move on.

Followin’ the film’s storyline, my film trailer now needed a scene showin’ the hero crashin’ out a barn to escape his pursuers.

I is no fool now you hear, but I must admit, I had no idea how I was fixin’ on creatin’ this scene, ifn it was to look realist n’all. So I took me a hiatus and got me into some fine Cajun cooking instead; ya might say I was kinda hopin’ to find me some home-grown inspiration.

Mmmmm! Lawd, O Lawd, I is tellin’ ya straight: that Cajun cookin’ is one sassy kitchen and some mighty powerful stuff – yes Siree!

Anyhow, the weeks dragged out on the bayou, then one day during my regular j-peg huntin’ sessions I happen to stumble upon this great image.

Woo Hoo! Hot diggety dog, praise them ‘Dukes’ and all their wild antics, bless their mischievous, engine revvin’ barn smashin’ lil’ ol’ harts! Don’t it just make ya wanna slap ya knee and break into a dance?

Whoa, easy on the foot-stompin’, hand-clappin’, line-dancin’ boys, I was just fooling wit y’all! Now where was I? Oh yeah! The Dodge Charger (The General Lee) smashing out of the barn, I knew exactly what to do with it the minute I saw it. I done, quick as lightnin’ opened my ‘Defender’ j-peg file and dug around till I found me this here vehicle.

Yes Siree, I recon I had me some work cut out, I was busier than a one-legged man at a butt kickin’ contest! I had to totally remove the Dodge Charger from the scene, then hide the driver of the Defender and the reflection of his kin in the rear window. I then added some blur to the wheels to create a sense of realistic motion. I also added various flying timber boards over yonder for barn crash authenticity.

Like I done told you before, I is the Grand Master and dis picture’s turned a duzzie. Now I is about as happy as a tick on a fat dog.

I’ll be workin’ on this project here darn near till the movie’s finished, so y’all make sure to come see us next time you’re here. Ifn you’re friend or kinfolk be sure to leave us a comment.

Giddy up now.


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Hey there and welcome to my mission troops.

At ease. Today we’ll be looking at Image 235 – a simple yet fortuitous combination of photos which created a striking scene. Much like Image 164 this one basically came together on its own. Though I must admit, both of these photos were part of my collection for quite some time before the visual connection was made. One day I was browsing through my Defender folder and my eye happened to pause on this incredible perspective.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d seen this image in my Defender folder a hundred times before; the thing is I never really knew what to do with it. However, this time the finished result flashed before my eyes. I immediately opened my Blackhawk folder and plucked out this one.

Much like the Defender, I had also seen this image many times, but I guess some time had to elapse before my subconscious mind was able to piece together and perceive the two images as one.

Having two perfectly matched images, the rest was fairly simple. Although I did have to remove the roof-rack and other minor details from the Defender and add some dust and a slight blur to the tires to create a sense of motion.

Don’t you just love the powerful viewpoint?

For those of you, who missed the first post to this ‘Show Reel Ingenuity’ Photoshop segment, hit the following link: https://thestufflegendsaremadeof.wordpress.com/2011/02/03/143/

It will bring you up to speed with the idea behind the film trailer project.

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Welcome to my workshop Dear Friends! Yes I call you ‘Friends’ because I feel your ‘Love’ emanating from my screen. Love, Peace, and Power to the People… Right on my brothers, right on! Yeah! Let the healing begin.

For all you newcomers pushing and shoving your way to the front rows, wondering what all the commotion is about and why this huge congregation has gathered here in my cyber stadium? No it’s not the ‘End of Season Stock Clearance Sale’ so chill out; this is a blog for my feature film project ‘Legends on Stone’ and you are viewing my Photoshop segment, where I explain how I created the images required for making my film trailer. (Image 71 in the ‘Show Reel Ingenuity’ category will give you the low-down on this project and bring you up to speed with all the regular guests. Hit this link to read further https://thestufflegendsaremadeof.wordpress.com/2011/02/03/143/)

For further information about the film project, feel free to check out the pages at the top of the blog.

Okay let’s continue, today we’ll be looking at Image 143. This image was part of one of the chase sequences where the hero flees off-road in his Defender to escape his pursuers.

I was instantly hooked when I found this great photo of a 4×4 nose-diving into a mud pool.

It would have been perfect had it been a Landrover Defender, but as you can see it’s a Toyota Landcruiser.

I guess what followed was the most difficult stage, the solitary site scanning, scalp scratching, square-eyed search.

Yes, it took me a while but I eventually found this Defender – an absolutely rare angle, a bird’s-eye view (so a special thanks to the owner for publishing it) fortunately for me it was the right color, well almost…

I love the way the image turned out, the original Toyota bull-bar worked well to realistically merge the Defender into the scene.

Love, Peace and Power to the People – Mind-blowing, turbo-charged V8 power.

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Hey there, all you ‘3D Max’ vehicle designers, plastic model builders, ‘Matchbox’ car collector’s, anyone that has put pen to paper and scribbled images of their little dream cars and I guess anyone who has simply doodled on a napkin.

Here is an opportunity for you all to take part in selecting the vehicle design of your liking, which will feature in this movie.

Perhaps some of you are a little bewildered with my request; then allow me to explain. Although I have depicted a short wheel base model ‘Defender’ in all of my Photoshop images, there is still a good chance that a long wheel base model may be used. Therefore, I need to be prepared for any turn of events.

I made a few changes to the Defender in Photoshop, so as to get a more dynamic rear end. The thing is, once I started, I couldn’t stop; now I have so many to choose from… Truth be told, they all look good to me, but which design grabs your attention?

Your participation entails you to simply click on the design number that you feel looks the best, then click on the Big Yellow VOTE Button. Also feel free to submit any comments regarding the design of your choice, at the end of this post. The image that receives the most votes or positive comments, will be the one implemented in the film.

Alternatively, the more adventurous Jedi warriors can submit their own designs to: gabriel-productions@hotmail.com which will be displayed alongside my designs, for an equal right at being chosen.

Readable napkin doodles will also be considered.

Here are my 8 variants as well as the original Defender.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Before I begin, allow me to apologize for the tardiness with my blog posts, sports fans; I’m currently at a health spa for a couple of weeks, which is seriously cutting into my time. But as you all know, even the greatest of superheroes need some time for R&R to revitalize their superhuman powers. Hence, as soon as I arrive home, all will return to normal. Bear with me, my little minions, the Master shall return – for he has a mission to fulfill.

With this image, I needed to portray one of the crucial turning points in the film’s storyline. The scene required a forest setting and a Hummer, next to which, Denzel’s character – Jake lays wounded. At first I began searching for scenic backdrops onto which, I could transfer a Hummer and all the various details from the film scene. Instead I found this Hummer that simply blew me away. Not only did it have the right look; it was also standing amidst a forest setting.

Next I had to find an image of a gun shot victim. As you can imagine that was a feat in itself. Nevertheless, I managed to find this scene.

My following task was to find Denzel, sporting a facial expression that would convey a convincing grimace of a wounded man. The proper angle and lighting conditions were also important. Mind you there are lots of images of Denzel on the net, however, many were not usable because of the many different roles portrayed in his films, differing ages, hair styles and so on. Therefore to find a specific facial expression had its difficulties. Yet again, my “superhuman” capabilities enabled me to find the needed image; Denzel giving a radio interview. Pretty intense and quite unexpected.

Now all I needed was this first aid kit.

I cropped the Hummer image to better the composition. Subsequently, I cut out the gun-shot guy and Denzel’s head, (sounds kind of creepy) anyhow, after  tweaking both cut outs I merged them seamlessly into one image. To finish the scene, I placed the first-aid kit by his side covering the gloved hand, (this saved me a lot of work replacing the hand had it remained in the open) then I added the necessary shadows around the bag.

The result looks great, almost perfect. Regardless of the minor imperfections, the image served its purpose flawlessly in the film trailer.

The Master is Happy…

The Force grows stronger every day…

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Welcome to my expedition dearest Friends, Adventurers, Safari Travelers, Big Game Hunters and steadfast Tag surfers.

Today we’ll be studying Image 152. On this occasion, instead of starting with the backdrop, I started off with this dramatic river crossing. The image reminded me of my numerous trips around Australia. Having crossed similar rivers in a similar manner, I took particular pleasure in reliving and reproducing the experience, which I had woven into the script.

The most difficult challenge here was not only did I have to shorten the Defender, (as I had to do with the majority of them) I also had to remove the equipment from the roof as well as the stickers and spot-lights, whilst leaving the roof-rack and roll-cage intact. I also had to remove the windows and create a sense of a darkened interior beyond the smashed out windows.

The Defender transformed, I began rummaging for an appropriate backdrop. My search took me far beyond the borders of our galaxy and even the outer limits of cyber space, but my efforts were totally in vain. The Defender remained backdrop-less and in Photoshop limbo, for many, many months, that is until one day I stumbled onto this great image. I immediately knew – this was the setting I had been searching for. It was Perfect!

You skeptics here in the front rows might argue that any backdrop would have done the trick and that I was simply stalling for time, building up the hype and of course my legendary Jedi Master status…

But, I say Nay! Nay, my good friends only this particular backdrop worked and I’ll explain why… I required an image that had the natural convergence of forest, land and waterway, but more importantly, would accommodate the angle of the exiting Defender, hence allowing me to seamlessly fuse the two images together.

So what do you think, huh??? Like I said, flawless…

Incidentally, can anyone guess why I had to flip the Defender image from left to right??? The first correct answer will receive a Master’s Kudos for observation and of course for a true Jedi’s ability for lateral perception.

The lesson for today – never argue with a PS Jedi Master.

Trust the Force young Jedi, trust the Force.

Forcefully yours,


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Greetings Earthlings, Star Gazers and all other Carbon-based Bipedal Life Forms who have managed to tune in to today’s show.

Today we’ll be studying Image 228.

Ok, I downloaded this rather colorless looking picture during one of my j-peg surfing sessions. My usual practice was to simply download anything that looked remotely interesting. Then once I’d finished surfing, I would start sorting everything into categories. Scenery, Machinery, Animals, Explosions, Stars, Etc. Etc. I’d also delete any blurry images, all the very small images, and anything that just happened to get snagged by mistake.

Anyway, whilst I was sorting this latest find, I almost deleted this one. However something made me stop. Those of us who are at One with the ‘Force’ will understand… I took pause and allowed my imagination to explore the possibilities. Suddenly I remembered seeing a cool perspective of a Defender in the desert, among the hundreds of images that I had; it was however, a long wheel base model.

Incidentally, in future sessions you’ll see that most of the Defenders I used were long wheel base models, modified to look like the shorter models.

On one hand this was kind of a hassle, on the other, I was thrilled because I had so much more different angles of the Defender to work with.

This was the model I found hidden in the numerous folders tucked away on two disk drives and in the various ‘just in case’ back up files.

As you can see it was stationary, and, it was a long wheel base model. However this didn’t deter me from the task ahead. I chopped out the middle section of the Defender, duplicated the desert around the static image then added some motion blur. Adding a dust trail, I gave the image the required characteristics of a speeding vehicle. I also had to smash all the windows out and drill the body full of bullet holes, to give it a sense of realism. I mean if a chopper is flying above and shooting at you, chances are your going to be sporting a few holes.

The end result… Judge for yourself. Quite amazing, considering the original image.

So the moral of today’s story is… Don’t discount the potential of an image just because at first glance it may seem boring. In other words, if you get dealt a lemon, add some sugar and make lemonade…

May the Force be with you, my young Photoshop Jedi

Your lemonade making Jedi Master

The Enlightened One.

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